About us

Core Values

We believe people should be working on things that matter. That is why at Prophecy Labs we focus on three main things, automating complex work, optimizing business processes, and predicting events that influence business.

We believe in honesty, transparency, and open communication. We work closely with our clients to understand the problem and find the right solutions.

Being a distributed company spread across 8 countries we can deliver work round the clock. We hire the best people from all over the world.


Our company values empower us to take a unique approach to data science projects. We have developed a 3 phased approach, Explore, Build, Automate. Using this approach we can fail fast without wasting precious time or money. We keep an eye for only building things that add business value.

Where we operate

  • Zurich
  • NYC
  • Washington
  • Chicago
  • Dublin
  • Leuven
  • Lisbon
  • Valencia
  • Cairo
  • Lodz