Case studies

Adding value with Artificial Intelligence

Federal Mogul


Date: 2019 | Use case: Fully automated image cleanup

Any manufacturing company that produces tons of new products also produces tons of product images for its websites and catalog. Most pictures have to be taken with a background.

Normally this background is removed manually using photoshop and other tools. This is very time and resource consuming.

Our software reduced costs, radically streamlined and significantly sped up the image cleanup process by automating almost all steps required to fully process the images.

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Time to clean
an image 0.07s

Cleaning pixel
accuracy > 99%

Man hours saved
per year > 3500

Assessing the effectiveness of physical ads for a specific target demographic is a pressing problem that can provide a multitude of actionable insights, ranging from the desired budget, the optimal poster placement or even the choice of advertising platform.

Based on our algorithm that among other things prediction whether user saw an advertisement, the client generated reports that were sold and used by most leading physical ads companies in Switzerland

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3 billion data points processed
in under 10 min

prediction performance
f1 ~0.8

Algorithm used in
all reports


Date: 2018 | Use case: Physical advertisement impact prediction